Saturday, March 26, 2016

Dry Mixes in a Jar... (another) Dry Cream Soup Mix

Dry Mixes... these mixes are not for canning, but may be stored in canning jars.

Dry Cream Soup Mix 
By Chrissie Owens 
Adapted from Taste of Home 

2 cups dry milk powder (non­instant is preferred) 

¾ cup organic cornstarch (to avoid GMOs) 

1 teaspoon onion powder 

½ teaspoon dried thyme 

½ teaspoon dried basil 

½ teaspoon dried parsley 

¼ teaspoon black pepper 

Mix all ingredients together with a whisk. Store in an airtight container. I then divide dry mix into individual packets of 1/3 cup dry mix each, Add additions for each, and seal. 

To make into soup, combine 

1/3 cup dry mix with 

1 ¼ cups water 

in a small saucepan. Whisk until smooth. On medium heat, bring to a boil. Cook and stir for 2 minutes, until thick. Cool. This amount = 1 can condensed cream ­of soup. 

For Cream ­of Chicken Soup:

 use 1 ¼ cups chicken broth instead of water. (I add 1/4 tsp rosemary) 

For Cream­ of Mushroom Soup:

 use water; add ¼ cup diced, cooked mushrooms to soup after it thickens. OR add 2 tablespoons dried mushroom (s) of your choice, when cooking add a dash of dry sherry or cognac to taste)

For Cream ­of Celery Soup:

 use water, add ¼ cup diced, cooked celery to the soup after it thickens or add a dash of celery seed to the mixture while it’s cooking. 

Other ideas: 

for Cream of Shrimp 

add 1 Tablespoon dried powdered shrimp to each individual soup packet 

for Cream of Cheddar Soup 

add 2 Tablespoons powdered cheddar (or any other cheese) or more to taste to each soup packet 

for Cream of Tomato Soup 

add powdered tomato (good use for those tomato peels and scraps you dried) to each packet use any broth you canned (venison/pheasant/duck/lobster/quail/etc to make it into an instant cream of * soup add 1 Tablespoon dried thinly sliced leeks to each soup packet


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