Thursday, June 16, 2011

Canning Granny Pantry

Is this a beautiful sight or what?

It's my new Canning Granny Pantry at the new digs... I'm super excited about it! 

We just moved the Canning Granny Headquarters to the country from an apartment in town and we now have room for this awesome pantry.

Here's how I arrived at this wondrous space... We bought a three bedroom home, moving from our two bedroom apartment and there are only the two of us so we have an extra bedroom for a guest room and another extra bedroom for a hobby/art/soapmaking (yep, we have a small, growing soap business, Southern Heart Soaps and it takes up a LOT of space to store all that soap and the extras that go with taking soap to festivals and market, so Yay for that space too!!) Anyhow... there is a perfect walk-in closet in the room we have chosen as the hobby room, so we took out all the closet-y hanging wire shelves and such and installed heavy duty floor to ceiling shelving and Voila! it's a pantry!

So great to have this space! I've been storing canned goods in all sorts of assorted places in the apartment, mostly in boxes stacked in corners, under tables, you name it... it's so freeing to be able to just open the door and be able to see at a glance all the yummies inside... part of the space is being used for our extra food storage (you know, the stuff from the grocery store that we find on sale and want to stock up on, and rice, beans, sugar, flour and such that we want lots of for various reasons) and the rest is for me to fill to the brim with home-canned goodness. 

This was the first space we've organized in the new place... the rest of the house is stacked with boxes, tools, paint rollers, cans and brushes, we're using the fireplace mantle to store paper towels and flashlights... but by golly the food storage pantry is organized and beautiful!

Here's the newest addition to the Canning Granny Family... Smokey the rescue German Shepherd we just couldn't say no to... look at those sweet eyes! how could you NOT take him home with you I ask! Read about  Smokey's Dilemma and how he came to live at the Canning Granny home here Smokey Finds a Home

We are so happy to have found our new friend!

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