Saturday, August 13, 2016

We Be Jammin' & Salsa Time!!! Salsa Jam!

Salsa Jam 
From sbcanning

Salsa jam is a combination of all the flavors of a chutney with the consistency of a jam. It's colors are visually a "salsa", but the taste has a bit of sweet/savory that is classic in a chutney. Better overall than the classic pepper jelly since the flavor of the tomato adds something to the savory element. The addition of the pectin really gives it the texture of a true jam.

3 cups tomatoes, peeled and small chopped 

1 cup jalapenos, seeded and diced 

1 cup red onion, diced 

1 cup cider vinegar 

2 T. cilantro 

2 cups sugar 

4 T. Ball flex batch low sugar/no sugar pectin 
*You can use any low sugar/no sugar pectin (Sure-Jell and Pomonas) 

In a stainless steel pot or enameled dutch oven add the tomatoes, jalapenos, onion, and cider vinegar. Stir together and cook over medium heat. Cook to a simmer, about 15 minutes and add the cilantro and sugar, stirring occasionally. 

Cook for another 10 minutes, and bring the recipe to a boil. Add the pectin and bring the recipe back to a boil and set timer for one minute. Remove from heat. 

Ladle recipe into 6 half pint jars. Remove air and refill if necessary to 1/4" headspace. Wipe rims and add hot lids/rings and process in water bath for 15 minutes.

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