Tuesday, October 18, 2016

In A Pickle... Claussen Knockoff Pickles

Claussen Knock­off Pickles 
by Linda Fredrickson

35­-40 small to medium pickling cukes,

1 gal. cold water,

1 c CIDER vinegar,

2 TBSP. mixed picking spices,

2/3 c. canning salt,

4 cloves garlic,

4 fresh dill heads or 4 TBSP dried dill seed (not weed)

Wash, not scrub, cukes. Trim 1/8 inch from blossom ends and slice in half or quarters lengthwise, depending on size you want.

In a gallon jar or large wide­mouth food­safe container layer dill heads, garlic, and cuke slices.

In a separate container stir remaining ingredients together until salt is dissolved. Pour brine over cukes, making sure all are fully submerged. If needed, place a plate or mug or other non­reactive heavy item on the cukes to weigh them down under brine.

Cover lightly with a lid just perched o top or cheesecloth to keep fruit flies away.

Leave out of direct sunlight on your counter 2­4 days until cukes taste like pickles throughout. Fix your lid onto your jar or container and chill. These can be stored in the fridge for up to 6 months provided you keep them COVERED with the brine. If fuzz or foam develops on top of the brine, use a spoon to remove it. If any fuzz it attached to a pickle, remove it also.

1 comment:

  1. oh, these look good, I love that I don't have to "can" them (no space i.e. no kitchen counter and very small burner) but love to eat pickles.


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