Tuesday, October 4, 2016

In A Pickle... Cajun Pickles

Cajun Pickles 
(aka - Fire and Ice Pickles) - 
(Refrigerator Pickle)
Found on savoiesecrets.wordpress

NOTE: These are sweet and spicy - As they sit, the sugar pulls out all the juices still in the pickles, which makes them very crispy. 

Makes 1 gallon 

1 gallon whole Kosher dill pickles 

4 pounds sugar 

2 ounces Tabasco sauce 

2 dozen cloves (some recipes leave these out, up to you) 

6 cloves of garlic, thickly sliced 


Drain and slice pickles into 3/8 inch slices. Layer ingredients in gallon pickle jar. Let stand 3 – 4 days. Shake once a day. The pickles will make their own juice. Refrigerate.

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