Tuesday, July 5, 2016

We Be Jammin'... Nutty Blonde Cherry Jam

Nutty Blonde Cherry Jam
Found on spectacularlydelicious

4 c. prepared yellow (blonde) cherries 

1 T. fresh lemon juice 

6-1/4 c. sugar + a separate measure of 1/4 c. sugar 

2 pouches Certo liquid pectin 

3/4 c. sliced almonds

1 t. butter 

Make the Candied Almonds 

Lay out an 18″ long piece aluminum foil on the counter and give it a light shot of Pam non-stick cooking spray or a thin gloss of regular cooking oil. Put the sliced almonds and 1/4 c. sugar in a non-stick pan. Turn the heat to medium-high. Use a wood spoon to stir the nuts and sugar in a zig-zag pattern back and forth across the bottom of the pan. The sugar will melt and bubble. It will be clear at first —make sure that each slice gets a light coating of the melted sugar. Stirring all the while, keep an eye on the pan. The nuts will start to darken and clump together. Little beads of melted sugar will appear around the bottom of the hot pan. When these sugar drops turn a light caramel color, pour out the nuts onto the prepared foil. Work quickly — caramelized sugar can go from nicely brown to not-nice burnt in a matter of 5-10 seconds. While the nuts are still hot and sticky, use the wooden spoon to break them up into small clumps, spreading them out in a single layer. When completely cool, use the flat side of a meat mallet or wooden rolling pin to break the nut clumps into small bits — no bigger than a pea. 

Make the Jam

Pit the cherries and use a food processor to evenly chop into small rough pieces to yield four cups of fruit. Save and accumulated juice. In a deep, heavy pot mix the chopped cherries and their juices with the lemon juice, butter and remaining sugar (6-1/4 c.) and bring to a full rolling boil, stirring all the while. When the boil doesn’t cease no matter how hard you stir, add the two pouches of Certo, continue to stir and bring back to the full rolling boil. Boil hard for a full minute, stirring fast and furious so the jam doesn’t boil over. Remove pot from heat and skim off any foam. Stir the candied almond slices into the jam and ladle into sterilized jars. Seal and process in a boiling water bath for 10 minutes.

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