Friday, May 6, 2016

My Heroes

My little Mama who went to heaven in 2008
I'm at the start of a new journey in my life this Mother's Day. It's a little scary... and I'm just at the beginning. I was diagnosed with diabetes in mid-April, just a few short weeks ago... yes, I know people deal with this hateful disease all the time, and live full, rich, wonderful lives... they get it under control, learn to eat right, exercise, and all that stuff... and I'm working toward all that as well... but right now, at this moment... I'm a little mad... a little scared...

I've always been the "healthy as a horse" one... and now I have insanely high glucose levels, cholesterol levels, and REALLY high triglycerides!!!! Yikes!!! I'll get it all down, it's manageable, but I'm still kinda mad! And my eyes are doing weird things... vision keeps changing... and now... the one who hates going to the doctor with a passion... is now becoming best friends with him!

My Mama developed diabetes when she was a few years younger than I am now... she had a doctor who made some dreadful mistakes with her medication (said doctor actually left the country for awhile to escape lawsuits)... causing my Mama's pancreas to die and digest itself and having to be removed... all Mama's body systems began shutting down... none of the doctors in ICU expected her to live... but she did... for seven more years... but she was full blown, insulin dependent diabetic, plus TONS of other health issues.

Because of what Mama went through... I'm a little scared...

Mama has always been my hero... and now that I'm dealing with just a fraction of the "D-word" stuff she had to deal with, she's even MORE my hero! And I miss her!

My sister, Beth (right) and me
Another hero in my life right now is my sister, Beth. She has dealt with gestational diabetes during her pregnancies and has a child with juvenile diabetes. She's the one I've been calling when the fear takes hold, when I get good news, or bad news, or when I have questions... she's the BEST!!!! I honestly don't know what I'd do without her right now!

(One day after my diagnosis with the big "D" we lost our youngest brother to an unexpected heart attack, he was only 51... We love and miss you so much, Kevin!)

At this point in time, I'm in awe of the people who have dealt with this ugly disease for years... I've only been here for weeks and I'm already tired of my fingertips feeling like pin cushions, I'm tired of my vision changing every day (though they tell me this is normal and it will level out soon... my biggest fear is going blind... even more so than death I think!), I'm tired of thinking about and analyzing every bite I put into my mouth, tired of the nausea, headaches, dizziness, digestive issues... tired of being tired, tired of remembering to take medicine at regular intervals... EVERY DAY!!!!

This girl...

My beautiful niece, Cassie
... has been living with juvenile diabetes since she was in elementary school (eight years old, I think, when diagnosed)... she's now 15 and gorgeous, smart, and funny... active... soccer star, great student, has a boyfriend who thinks she's the best... she's AMAZING!!!!!! And another of my heroes! My sister assures me that Cass gets down, gets angry at the D-word, gets frustrated, and emotional... but I've only ever seen her taking it in stride as she pricks her fingers and gives herself her insulin injections... and keeping on keeping on! She's something else! (and we share the same birthday, so she's super special!) I want to be like her when I grow up!

And then there's my hero that takes care of me every day, who holds me when I cry over this frustrating curve ball life has thrown me... who lifts my spirits, makes me laugh, treats me like a queen... my husband... better known to you all as Mr. G! I love him!!!! He is my rock, my lifeline, my world!

Papa (Mr. G) and granddaughter, Carissa
Happy Mother's Day! 

Call your Mama if you can... tell everyone you love that you love them TODAY!... you may not have tomorrow!


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  2. Pamela, several years back I was confronted with the big "D" monster. My girlfriend pricked my finger for the fun of it because I was always so darn tired and thirsty all the time-when it showed 386 she told me to head to the doctor-which I did and got information from a very smart lady doctor, who confirmed it . Then I came home and did my own research. I learned that most type 11 diabetics are low on Chromium Picolinate and ran across some good (for me) information about a plan which including starting myself on this , starting with a higher dose for a few months and then leveling down to a maintenance dose later. I also got rid of all the sugar and switched over to stevia , which is actually good for you and does help regulate sugar. I booted everything white out the door (white flour, sugar, rice ,ect -) because they turn to sugar as we eat them . I found an exercise program that worked for me - alternating it to keep me motivated as time goes on.(It was walking for a long while -then a treadmill in the winter - then yoga -then summertime gardening which requires me running up and down the hill many trips a day -ect.) Basically never the same thing - I just make sure to keep plenty of MOVING . My doctor even told me that she had a young patient and he told her that anytime his sugar shot up high he would go outdoors and run around his house until it came down??? We all do the best we can. I also switched to a vegetarian diet (99% of the time) So now after several years - my sugar runs an average of 110 and I do treat myself if I ever go out with a friend to eat. So, I am sending you love and hope for your future. Hugs from Linda the granny

  3. That is suppose to say DARN tired.

  4. Pamela, this too will become manageable and lead you in a longer, healthier way of life. Even with this news not being what you wanted to hear it is a blessing in disguise. Now you know what has been making you feel so bad and you know what you need to do to once again be in control of your body. Your family will so so happy to see you feeling better and just knowing that you will win this war! I will keep you In my prayers.

  5. Thank you for posting this, I am afraid of going thru this too. My Mother had diabetes also and I have been trying to modify my diet but it is so hard when you have no idea what type of foods to eat together, or not to eat. It sounds like you are going thru a lot right now and I know you will have tons of love and prayers and I will definitely keep you in my prayers!

  6. Sorry to hear of your diagnosis of the Big "D" !!! I, too, am Diabetic...I love reading your Jelly and jam recipes but sadly cannot eat them !
    This may be a Great time to post recipes that are edible and better for you.
    Wishing You All the Best ! You CAN Do This !!!


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