Sunday, May 29, 2011

Canning Granny Relocation Plan

Welcome to my world!

Well, folks, the time has come for the Canning Granny Kitchen Corporate Headquarters to relocate.

We're going back to the country where we belong, so for the next couple of weeks there will not be much, if any, canning going on. And there won't be much blogging as I'm certain you dear readers don't care to hear about packing millions and millions of boxes, furniture shopping, appliance shopping, well-chlorinating, lawn mowing, garden layout, wall painting, gravel spreading, curtain choosing,... back aching, rubber legs, sore feet... Whining Granny!

Yesterday I packed our coffee cups, the plan was to leave two out along with the coffee pot... Yep! this morning I made coffee, went to pour it, and wouldn't you know it... I had packed all but ONE cup! Had to dig through and locate ONE more!

We closed on our rural location Friday (Yayness!) but due to the lateness in the day plus a holiday weekend, we won't be able to pick up the keys until Tuesday... Oh the pain of waiting, I feel like somebody gave me a birthday present, then told me I couldn't open it!

So I continue to pack... there's a maze of boxes meandering throughout the house... maybe I should have drawn a map to the front door, it's growing farther and farther away... or maybe I could have put a piece of cheese there seeing as we are now the mice in this maze, maybe we could find it by sniffing it out! 

Anyhow, enough of this silly nonsense... the goal is in sight, our mini-farm-to-be awaits, and the canning shall commence... and I'm super excited about the new pantry I have planned, and am looking forward to the increased workspace in the new kitchen... Yay to the Yayness! 

Here's a glimpse of where I'll be working soon... Yes, I'm stoked!

For now, I must add another segment to my ever-growing mouse maze! and hope I can find the front door.

Back to canning soon... blueberries will be in soon, and peaches, and green beans, cucumbers (PICKLES!!)... Oh my gosh! I better get packing!

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  1. My family owns a blueberry u-pic farm in Chapin. Usually, I just place them in ziploc bags and freeze them to use over the rest of the year. Do you have a recipe for blueberry jelly or jam? What else besides baking (which Im not good at) can you do with blueberries?
    BTW, we're opening on Sat, June 2nd. "Blue Heaven" on Martin Road in Chapin. Organic! $2.00 a pound.


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