Saturday, October 17, 2015

Soup of the Day... Collard Green and Bean Soup

Today's recipe... Remember... Disclaimer: Some folks don't always follow updated USDA canning methods, they may live in another country where the standards are not the same, they may use heirloom methods passed down through the generations, they may choose other canning methods not recommended. Use this recipe at your own discretion, or adapt it to your own method. I am sharing these recipes EXACTLY as they were sent to me and take NO responsibility for them.

Collard Green and Bean Soup 
Adapted from recipe found on jackolanternfarm

Makes 6 to 7 quarts 

2 cups onions, chopped 

1 bay leaf 

5 stalks of celery, chopped 

6 carrots, chopped 

1 lb bag of navy beans (soak overnight in refrigerator) 

2 tsps canning salt 

10 cups of chicken stock 

2 bulbs of garlic, minced (2 whole bulbs not 2 cloves) 

1 bunch of collards, wash and remove center stems, chop 

1 tsp of black pepper

Add chicken stock, onions, bay leaf, celery, carrots, salt, minced garlic, black pepper to a large pot. Bring to a boil, lower heat to a simmer. Add pre-soaked and drained beans. Simmer for 30 mins. Add chopped collard greens, a little at a time if they will not all fit, you only want the collard greens to wilt down, not fully cook. Stir to mix. Remove bay leaf. Fill quart jars 1/2 full with soup solids, using a slotted spoon. Fill jar with stock to 1" headspace (if there is not enough stock divide what is there among the jars and finish filling with hot water or heat up some more chicken broth). Remove air bubbles, wipe rims and assemble lids. Process in a pressure canner at 10 lbs of pressure for 90 mins for quarts (75 mins for pints). NOTE: Kale can be used instead of Collard Greens if you prefer.

Tomorrow's Soup of the Day... Corned Beef and Cabbage Soup

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