Wednesday, October 28, 2015

I Met a Car Salesman Yesterday...

Mr. G bought a new (to him) truck yesterday... he was still at the dealership filling out the paperwork when I got off work so he asked me to stop by so I could see the pickup before he brought it home... and he said there was this guy he wanted me to meet... the guy who sold him the truck... Mr. G does NOT get excited over meeting guys... or people... usually...

This guy was some kind of "traveling car salesman"... meaning... sort of... from what I understand... that he is not a local guy... doesn't live in our area... but travels around the country from dealership to dealership when they are having some kind of "high volume" sales event. He was from El Paso, Texas... and he is a chef... a personal chef right now, and caterer... but he's looking to open a restaurant somewhere in New Mexico soon.

Anyway... why am I telling you about the car salesman I met yesterday?

First of all, he was a really cool guy (he called me beautiful, the flattering salesman that he is!), he was interesting to talk to (he's flippin' passionate about food), and Mr. G told him that I was "Canning Granny" (like that would mean anything to him) and he was very interested in that... and how to blog... and how to get more Facebook exposure... so he can promote himself and his chefing (is that a word???)... and so he can stop car salesmaning (which funds his passion... chefing!) and open a restaurant (which is his dream).

Anyway, this car salesman/chef's name was Ernesto Guzman. He is the owner/operator of a personal chef/catering business called Sofrito Catering Fusion Style... he specializes in Latin/Asian Gourmet Food... a twist in Mexican and Asian Cuisine... he gives cooking classes... and (drum roll please... I'm saving the best for last...)

He was featured on the Food Network's Diners Drive-Ins and Dives... with Guy Fieri (I LOVE Guy Fieri!!!)... Season 2, Episode 21, Aces of Authenticity (that's the name of the episode, I didn't really know episodes had names)

So... this amazingly interesting, really cool car salesman, I have no doubt, will be famous one day... and have his own restaurant... and his own show on the Food Network... and ...

Mr. G and I can say, when we watch him on TV... that we once bought a truck from him.

Ernesto's website is
He's on Facebook but only as his personal page, he doesn't have a business "Page"

(Thought I'd share... and give Ernesto a little shout out in the process)

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  1. That is very cool. I think Asian/Mexican fusion makes sense. Here in SoCal, there is a large population of Asians and Mexicans. A fusion of food styles would be a natural progression. I will have to research - maybe it's already going on.


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