Saturday, August 22, 2015

Amish Recipe Series... Amish Cinnamon Apple Jelly

What is Rumspringa?

The Amish youth period Rumspringa, or “running around,” is marked by an increase in social activity

Rumspringa, or “running around”, is the term used to describe the period of adolescence Amish experience starting at around age 16. Rumspringa has been described in books and films, to varying degrees of accuracy.

There are numerous misconceptions about Rumspringa, which is a formative time for Amish youth.
Common myths about Rumspringa:
Amish youth leave home to live in the city-most Amish live at home while adolescents
Amish parents encourage their youth to “break the rules”-Amish parents, like any other, want their children to behave morally
Rumspringa is “time out” from being Amish-most Amish youth live at home and attend church during Rumspringa, and are subject to community influences, though may bend and break guidelines of the Ordnung as they are not yet church members
Rumspringa is typically a time of experimentation with sex and drugs-some portrayals of Rumspringa have depicted the time as one of wild partying, though this is the exception rather than the norm

Today's recipe... Remember... Disclaimer: The Amish don't always follow updated USDA canning methods, they follow methods passed down from generation to generation. Use this recipe at your own discretion, or adapt it to your own method. I am sharing these recipes EXACTLY as they were sent to me and take no responsibility for them.

Amish Cinnamon Apple Jelly 

1 qt apple juice

1 box Sure Jell

4 ½ c sugar

2 T red hots candy

Mix together & cook on medium boil for 3 minutes. Place in hot sterile jars & seal.

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