Sunday, August 4, 2013

Jar Labels... A Review

Awhile back the great folks at sent me a sample package of their Modern Harvest home canning labels for me to try...

I set them aside and, well, honestly... forgot I had them.

Came across them recently and decided to give them a try... and am I glad I did!

I received the flower design labels which included 12 each of quart, pint, and half pint sizes... they can be found here. PantryParatus also offers several other styles of labels... (head on over there and check them out!)

So, basically here's what you do with these great labels...

Can your food like normal and let the jars cool...

Heat a pot of water to boiling (or, like I did... if your hot water bath water is still hot, just use it)

Choose the size label you need (I used the pint size) and with a Sharpie (black would probably be better, I couldn't find black) write the jar contents on the label...

on the flip side of the label you can check off the month and year... and there's even a space to fill in later when you open the jar...

Slip the label from the top or bottom of the jar towards the center and just adjust it until it sits where you want it... it'll fit loosely...

Now here's the fun part... the magic!!!!

Pick your jar up using your jar holder (canning tongs) and carefully dip the jar(s) into the hot water...

The label will immediately shrink to fit the jar (unless the water isn't hot enough... if that's the case, heat the water back up and try again)

Like magic! Like Shrinky Dinks! Like Shrink Wrap!!!

After you're done with the jar of goodies, just carefully slide a knife under the label and twist to break the label loose... no more gummy glue, sticky residue... and they're cute enough for gift giving!
I love them!!!

Thank you PantryParatus!


  1. oops your link for www.pantryparatus isn't working..seems you left the .com off it?? checking out their website now..

    1. Oops!!!! Fixed it! Should work correctly now, thanks! ~~Granny

  2. Hi! I just found your blog today on Pinterest. I saved a bunch of your canning recipes to read over at home. I'm planning on starting canning now that I have space to store the canned foods. I'm following on GFC. :)

    Blue Eyed Beauty Blog
    Exercise Encouragement GROUP Blog

  3. thanks for the idea! i have a teeny tiny brand new blog on homesteading and when i can things using your recipes, i would like to (obviously) give you credit and link to your content. is that ok with you?

    1. Yes, it's OK as long as you give credit, thanks! ~~Granny

  4. You get total credit when I follow your recipes and the recipes aren't copied to my blog, it's a link to this blog. Fell better and thanks!!!

  5. Thanks for sharing about these canning labels.

  6. Thanks for the review. I'll have to check these out. I use reusable lids, so I usually don't have a lid to write on - a nice label when you are giving a jar away is also helpful.

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