Friday, June 7, 2013

Friday Funny... Purple Underwear

I am not always canning... I do other stuff too! Sometimes I sit in our little kitchen at work and eat lunch with the other ladies I work with... and sometimes the conversations go in unexpected directions...


I thought I'd share an occasional "Friday Funny."

You may find it amusing... I know I did...

A woman I work with was talking about the color purple... which led to her telling us about an elderly lady she goes to church with who wears purple all the time... Purple dresses, purple skirts and blouses, down to purple shoes and purple handbags... she's never seen her in any other color...

She wondered aloud, "I wonder if she even wears purple underwear?"

Someone said... "Why don't you ask her"

Someone else said... "or lift up her skirt and look real quick..."

Someone else added... "or trip her and make her fall and then you can look..."

Yet another person mused... "or wear mirrors on top of your shoes..."

Then someone said... "you have ALL these options... there's no reason NOT to find out!"

By this time we were laughing hysterically, tears rolling down our cheeks...

Important things... discussed over turkey sandwiches and tuna salads...


  1. love it :), have you asked her yet?

  2. If she's that dedicated to purple, I'd say purple underwear is a given! Too funny.

  3. Hi Canning Granny,
    Loved the purple underwear story.
    I had liked you on facebook a long time ago and follow your canning journey with interest all the time.
    Your site has inspired me to have ago myself at a blog which is totally entering into foreign territory for me.I only started this week,but hope to bring it up to date to include all aspects of our lives both here on the coast and our slow transition to our permanent off grid property out west.(we are in Australia) I am a canning addict and will in time start to include that as well.
    If you are interested in the beginning of our story we are at .... " Our Aussie off grid heaven "
    Cheers for now,

  4. If you do not allow anonymous posts, we won't have to read all these irrelevant comments. I finally did that and just got rid of anonymous. I allow people to send a comment to my email and I post their comments for them.

    I would guess she wears purple underwear. I mean, why not?

  5. Did she move here from the UK?


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