Friday, February 8, 2013

Ask Granny... Canning Meat, Regulating Pressure, Stacking Jars

I'ma try this once a week... hopefully every Friday... I'll choose a few questions from Canning Granny on Facebook that I feel would be helpful to pretty much anyone who cans... and answer them here.

Q. I have a lot of chicken in my freezer. I would like to try to can it. I have never canned meat before and would love to try it. I only have a water bath. ~~MJ

A. Chicken, or any other meat for that matter, must be canned in a pressure canner. Most meats, or recipes with meat in them, are canned at 10 pounds pressure for 90 minutes for quarts, 75 minutes for pints (unless you are at higher elevations... also, seafood is canned for a longer time than other meats).

Q. I got a new 23 qt canner with the gauge. Right now I am making veggie soup and can't keep it at 10 lbs. If it
s over some is that ok? If it's under a little do I really have to start all over with my time? ~~BL

A. If your canner gauge goes a bit over the recommended pressure, it won't hurt anything. If it drops below the recommended pressure, yes indeed, you must start over with your time... bummer, huh? Once you know your canner AND your stove and their interaction, it'll get much easier to regulate the pressure.

Q. I've always been told not to stack jars, it could break the seal. I see lots of pictures of jars being stacked. So which is correct? ~~AO

A. You shouldn't stack jars directly on top of each other... HOWEVER, if you put a piece of cardboard or something between the stacks so they're not directly on top of each other, it's perfectly safe... or if your jars are in boxes, it's safe to stack the boxes on top of each other.


  1. I have canned for most of my life. Last yr I canned corn and applesauce. I put one teaspoon of salt to each jar and a tsp. of lemonjuice to give none acid foods some acid.These jars I canned using hot water bath and they are still ok..from last yr....I have a new pressure canner for the 1.5 liter jars and now would like to do meats.My question is..Do I have to cook the meat before canning or do you put food in raw then can it?

    1. You can do meat either way Heather... if I'm doing something like ground beef or shredded chicken, I cook it first... for beef chunks or roasts or boneless chicken breasts, I raw pack. The meat cooks during the canning process and when it's raw packed, it makes its own broth. ~~Granny

  2. I personally don't stack more than 2 jars high with something inbetween like you describe. Mostly because I don't want them to fall over. Do you ever stack higher than 2?

  3. You haven't been blogging as much since you have talked about writting a book, just wondering are you writting that book? Miss reading your blogs!

  4. Granny absolutely love this Q & A type of post. It sure is a super quick way to learn a lot! I have a question about your All-American canner. I bought one so I can put up vegetables and some meats.
    When ever I use it as a pressure canner I can't get the lid off. I bought it brand new and followed the directions every time verbatim & still need a mallet. I put Vaseline on it as they recommend no still no luck. I have even let is set overnight (thinking I just wasn't waiting long enough before removing the lid).
    Have you ever had this problem? Is there a trick to it?

  5. I have an older All American canner and my lid gets stuck every time. I shake and jiggle the lid, leave it for a few minutes then go back and do it again until it comes loose. If there's a better idea I'd love to know since the one time I asked my son to try to get the lid off he cracked a plastic part of the lid off. :(


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